Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm looking for certain things, thought making a list would help.

1. I'm looking for an open-minded committed reader for a comic-book I'm writing. 

Writing a comic book was my summer project. Summer has ended and my project languished, (my fault totally, gotta let it go). One of the reasons was that I was unable to get a reader for it. One reader, I regrettably lost contact with; and the other reader was a guy who was a fan of the comic-book series I'm writing for, but he loved the series so much, he hated where I wanted to go it. So  I've added "open-minded" to the title. My best writing flows when it feels like play, like sitting down and toying with something until it's cool. I'd like to get that state easily, like switching on a light in a room filled with interesting stuff.

2. I'm looking for work that will best use my abilities and talents, that's full-filling, fun, and financially rewarding.

3. Work out buddy to motivate making time for the gym. I basically swim. Few laps. 

4. A spiritual jewelry maker to fix a bracelet my brother gave me. 

5. Another committed reader. But this one for my essay/nascent book on the philosophy of truth. I'm still in the research area of it, particularly diggin' into religion and philosophy so it's dense. You can read what I've got already on my OpenSalonBlog. Again Open minded and supportive please.

Anyway so now it's out in the ether. 

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