Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coca-confusion, it comes and goes...

Recently Latin American countries have voiced their opposition to prop 19 (it would legalize recreational marijuana use) because it will cause confusion. This is hogwash. While it might be a little curious to a Columbian that he can go to jail for growing pot while a Californian will not; it's no more confusing than a Bolivian growing coca legally and a Californian not. Wasn't Evo Morales a coca grower? Legalizing Marijuana if anything will lead to less confusion not more.

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  1. Hey, stupid people will believe anything.

    Most of Indiana doesn't use Daylight Savings Time. Apparently, the reason the Indiana legislature voted it down was that "changing the time the cows get milked will confuse them."

    It's just another illogical argument that sounds good as a gut reaction from most people (who won't think deeper about it) but falls flat if you actually consider it.

    A well-informed populace is vital to good government. That's why most governments think it's in their best interest to keep the populace undereducated and misinformed.