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Bankers, do no harm.... please.

If bankers behaved like doctors, how would the world be? If a doctor messes up, a life is endangered, and a lawsuit will likely follow. But if a banker messes up; what then? Lives are endangered is not in the same immediate way but lawsuits? Personal lawsuits? Never. A bailout is more likely. People sometimes ask me why I chose not to go to Med School. It was a complicated decision, but let me tell you that the pressure a doctor gets not to mess up, because lives are at stake is staggering. A banker? Well nobody dies. They make more money, with less of the responsibility.But I don't blame bankers and wall street guys for feeling superior, after all they get paid more that probably anybody. And society seems to pay by value, right? So aren't they the most valuable... teachers conversely who steward you kids, and the future of this nation, well they are not so valued. Can you blame the bankers? If society can't get it's value structure correct; we can't blame those w…

El desierto en medio del bosque.

De chiquito yo veía la verdura de Puerto Rico como un bosque que crecía donde quiera. Después de las lluvia toda la grama rápidamente crecía, aun cuando había construcciones en las carreteras rápidamente volvía la verdura con las enredaderas y arboles pequeños. Entonces aprendí lo que eran ecosistemas. En un ecosistema no es de que color se ve, sino como esta compuesto el grupo de especies que vive en le hábitat. Por ejemplo, En le bosque del Yunque uno puede ver una densidad de especies bien grande, osea que un árbol, grama, varios arbustos, y hasta plantas parasíticas todas viven en un tipo de balance y armonía. Al lado de dos pinos hay esta area que esta colonizada por acacias. Mirandolo por encima parace que es parte de un bosque, pero a los ojos de un biologo parece mas un desierto, aunque verde. Las acacias no son realmente arboles, son arbustos que crecen rapido y altos. Al crecer rapidamente, pues estan acostumbrados a una escaces de agua, colonizan el area y ponen el resto de…

Hippies and the impossibility of inaction.

When I was young I couldn't stand my uncle's hippie friends. They'd sit on the afternoon, drink a beer and spout a continuous stream of complains. The government this, society that, and on and on it went. I just looked at them, adults with the power to drive, with money and time enough to drink lazily one afternoon away and I'd ask them "Why don't you do something about it?" Organize a group, write an article, campaign, run for office something. I'd always get the same response. "There is nothing I can do." I didn't get it. I was young, penniless and locked in a high-school most of the time. They were none of that: adults, had money and had transpiration and power. I didn't get it. Till it happened to me and I became one of them.

I remember the vile frustration that was my first year out of college. It seemed that no matter what I tried to do nothing bore fruit. Temp jobs that never materialized, interviews that brought about nothing,…

DVD's Decline pt.1

The Hollywood studios created a small storm in a glass of water with this, but by moving the way they did the storm became huge, and has already swallowed up Blockbuster.The decline in DVD that saw me get laid off from my previous job in the DVD post-production chain is due to many factors but all of the factors were foreseen. None were a surprise and none could have been for-stalled. But in a good example of a communal pool where nobody has the incentive to help everybody, (that sounds rather reminiscent of Green Market's theory of the communal fishing pond) the individual incentives ended up hurting everybody. In Green Market's example a pond's fish stock is failing. It would be advantageous to all the boats in the area to reduce their catch for a few years and let the stock rebound less the fish stock could collapse. But lacking rather enlightened fisherman or regulation you don't get that. What you get is that as the individual's boat's catch reduces they m…

Tintabulations of the Ear

I suffer from tinnitus, or more commonly known as ringing in the ear. This doesn't quite discribe the experience. I'd call it, smoke detector alarm in the ear. Ever try to sleep with one of those things going off? Read? Write? Exactly.Managing it has been a challege. Particularly because I didn't do many of the things that can land you with tinnitus in the first place. I never hear music loud, I rarely ever go to concerts, and I've rarely fired weapons. One time I went to a club, the music was too loud but I thought it's just once I'll be fine. But when I came out of the club I was shocked that I couldn't hear well. The next day I couldn't watch Juno with my roommate and his friends because I couldn't hear. Everything sounded muffled. Slowly my hearing returned till now I can even hear the screech of breaks that I never thought I'd miss.
It's gone down quite a bit, at first it was louder than anything and I couldn't even read anything wit…

Weird Moon Rising

My neighbors Matt and Kalomoera believe that the moon affect people. At first I didn't believe them, but then I noticed that crazy driving seemed to happen near the full moon more often than not. October seems to have been a bad month spiritually-wise for a lot of people. I was in a bit of a funk, so was Matt, one of my friends just told me he's getting a divorce and is broken up about it, and another is going through a trying time with her boyfriend. But October finished strong for me. I loved my Halloween costume and had a great time on the party. Found renewed calm and insight into my photography, dared new and risky things and saw family.I'm all set to put up a Model Mayhem profile if I want. I've got a new kick-ass website (with auto-detection of mobile browsers). And my friend Maya is back in LA. I'd missed her positive energy and yoga classes.

NaNoWriMo is in Gear!

I've begun writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month. Started after midnight. So a quick prayer: Universe please provide the inspiration and illumination to write my novel and that I may easily hit the 50,000 word requirement and enjoy the creative process the whole way. What's it about? That's hush-hush.