Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm tired of poop.

Why is shit a bad word? I'm tired of hearing the word poop mentioned on TV on a reportage on toilets, on Myth Busters (Turd polishing myth) and all over.

I mean people shit. It's not like the proper people take a poop and the rest of us take a shit; I've never heard anybody get offended by that word. I mean seriously, people don't give a shit.

My roommate doesn't want me to leave my stuff on the floor, but I tell him it's my stuff and I'll drop it where I want to, I tell him this in my head of course, and then grab my stuff of the floor and put in in a closet with the rest of my shit. The closet is NOT full of poop. It's full of shit, MY shit.

People pee, right? It's not like all of a sudden proper people urinate and the rest of us go wee-wee, take a tinkle, or just plain pee. But none of those are bad words.

How come shit is? But say bugger isn't. Let's call it mucus people. That's the proper name, excrement, defecation, detritus, dross, mucus... really?

How about tears? Lachrymal excretions. Sweat? Don't sweat it or spit for that matter.

Let's make shit a good word already, the use of poop is getting ridiculous. Nobody talks that way. Nobody is offended by that word. And young people, kids, babies, were but shit-making-machines when in diapers, no?

Enough with that shit. I'm tired of poop.

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