Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I will buy when I get a job.

There are things that I'm postponing until I land a job. So these are the things I'll get myself as a present as soon as I'm employed.

1. Become a subscriber to KPCC and KCRW. Total cost $60.00 ($30 e/a)
    I listen to these stations an awful lot, though less lately as most news seem to be depressing. I absolutely  adore their mission of bringing information in an clear, clean effective way. I want to support them! They totally deserve it.

2. Buy clothing at Patagonia. Total cost average $65.00 each piece or more.
    I may do this without the job anyway, I like the store, it's ecological and repair policy and the clothing is made to be used like I use it: Till it falls fucking apart. I've got my eye on a pair of Duck pants and Duck shorts. I'd rather wear those than khakis and they seem way more comfortable than jeans. I have to try the on next time I'm there.

3. A Flash with battery pack and remote trigger. Cost $200.00 for flash + $100 for remote trigger.
    Adorama is having a sale on flashes and they have an incredible deal of a flash with a battery pack. I'd get it now except I can rent this stuff for less when I need it, and I haven't needed it. I'd like to take a portrait for a friend that's an author so she can have a nice picture on her back flap, but this hasn't been scheduled. In the mean time I can rent most of this equipment for a about half of the cost to buy.

4. Go eat at Malbec. Total cost $50+
    Owned by the husband of a friend of mine, this place is down the street so I'm always smelling their meat cooking. Always makes me hungry. So when I have a job, when I walk down the street and get a whiff of their cooking I can then walk in and fill my tummy with delicious parrillada.

5. Get an iPhone4 or iPod Touch  Total cost ?? (I've no idea)
   Not the iPhone4s that one is quite brand new but the iPhone4, just to get a camera with a flash. That is the most optional of all the things on this list. Alternatively I'd get an iPod Touch for the gym.

6. Get Massive Hard-drive Space. Total cost probably $200 -$300.
  Did you know I'm a geek? Well now you know. I am constantly upgrading my computer and that involves reinstalling and backing up. I want a 3 1TB drives. One for Windows/Linux One for Media, One for Pepito. (Shhhh he's been trying to build a Hackintosh).

7. A Go Pro HD Camera. Total cost $220 or so.
  A camera that can shoot underwater? That would be great for perfecting my swimming stroke. Plus a camera that you can tie to the end of the sword?? Are you kidding I have to have that for my reel.

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