Monday, October 10, 2011

Windows Utilities 2

Here are more utilities that make life on Windows easier.
(If you didn't catch my previous utility post, it's here.)

9. PDF XChange Viewer

This PDF viewer is way quicker than Adobe's Acrobat. I've tried many Acrobat substitutes and none came close to the original from Adobe. After using the ultra quick Preview on the Mac, I wanted something with more speed for my Windows and I found it here. It works with browsers too so that's what makes it a great Acrobat substitute.

10. Launchy

Launchy is like the Gnome-Do program in Ubuntu, or the Quicksilver on the Mac. Basically it works by launching a window where you type the program you want by hitting a keyboard shortcut. (I like Alt+Space.) It's really useful, because instead of wasting time navigating through the Start menu to look for a program or having a shortcut in your desktop you can type it directly (and dynamically) and get it to launch.

11. f.lux

F.lux allows you to change the colors of your monitor to follow outside illumination. This sounds like a small thing. But after trying it for a while I'm a convert now. I have it on all my computers (Mac, Linux and Windows) and swear by it. It's easier to fall asleep after watching Hulu, or doing research on the internet before bed.

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