Monday, December 26, 2011

We need a Biological Sciences Nobel Prize.

I've always found it weird that there was no Nobel Prize for Biology. There is one for medicine, but that's not the same. Especially when you consider that the Lobotomy procedure won its creator a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The impact of not having a Nobel prize in biology is rather far reaching. Not only is the prestige such a prize brings to a institution like a University not there but lacking a Nobel prize decreases funding to areas like basic biological research and ecology that are vitally important but not directly tied to any industry. Chemistry has an industry, Physics has engineering, but non-medicine biological sciences doesn't have an industry. All this global-warming studies aren't funded by the solar-energy lobby, they're funded by Universities and grants. So a Nobel prize would really help there.

Having a Biological Noble prize would help the environment which in reality helps us all. Take for example the Colony collapse of Bee hives. Research in Europe suggest that there is a link to pesticide use. But who in the US founds studies into pesticides? There is no "natural" industry there. Having a Nobel prize could fuel founding into those areas. And if you don't think bees are important, Florida's Orange Juice production and California's Almond production both depend on bee pollination.

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