Friday, February 17, 2012

Abram Friedman Adult School

One of the weird things that is hard to explain about growing up in Puerto Rico is the lack of Public Libraries. I'm a bit of a compulsive book buyer. So being able to borrow books is still a novel concept for me. Of course Universities and schools in Puerto Rico have libraries but a public library, one that's there for the community? That still shocking to me. And it's a very American thing too. Even tiny towns I've visited seem to have them and some are shockingly nice. The Oviedo Florida public library was gorgeous, and I loved to go there. The Burbank Public Library has meeting rooms you can use and a whole section for children. I tell you this because another thing that was shocking to me was the Abram Friedman Occupational Center Adult School.
From the outside it looks way worse than I was expecting. It looks like a prison, actually a juvenile detention center. No windows, painted while like a polar bear with a blue strip down the bottom. Only a government building would get away with being so oppressively inhuman. The front of the building even has an old school fire escape. But inside it's a rather small school, that smelled faintly of paint like a painter's studio or an art school. In the school there is a cafeteria, with multiple diverse classrooms and classes. I'd never a expected a school like this in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. There are ESL classes I was expecting but also locksmith, a fully working barbershop, a car garage where people were doing body work and painting and more shockingly a graphics design class in a lab with full 27" iMacs, a computer networking and repair class, and electrical installation and construction lab and a solar panel installation class too.
I want to build my own tiny house so I'm considering taking the construction or electrical installation for the insanely low price of $65 a semester... I'm paying that much in books for my Agile Management class!
It's website needs work however... maybe I should take that on as a showcase project of my webdesign skills.

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