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Windows 7 Fresh Install Procedure

My Windows 7 computer crashed last week. It had been giving me BSOD for a few days. This gave me an opportunity to start fresh with a new Windows 7 install. In re-installing I found a few thing I hadn't found before and re-visited some cool options.

Configure the BIOS Windows 7 doesn't require any fancy BIOS setting but I would recommend that you make them Hackintosh compatible now, otherwise you wont be able in the future. There are three changes you should make: set Suspend to S3, SATA to AHCI, and HPET to 64bit.

Installing Windows 7 64-bit I don't have a wired connection to my computer so I install from a DVD, then I run through this installation procedure.

Install Wireless Driver: TP-Link (from CD)Run Windows Update (several hours & restarts)Use Ninite ( to install Microsoft Security Essentials first.Then use Ninite to install other software like for example: Chrome, Opera; Skype, Pidgin, Thunderbird; iTunes, VLC, Audacity, Spo…

Top 10 Games of All Time

1. Shadow of the Colossus 

It has an incredible atmosphere, challenging game play and deep pathos. It's hard to capture a mood with a game and this game captures it perfectly.
2. Silent Hill

I played this game in Japan while healing from a broken clavicle. The way it uses sirens and background noise to evoke dread in the player is unmatched. The game set a tone and kept it throughout. It was like diving in into my favorite horror stories. It was the first game that felt truly cinematic and the first that scared the shiatsu out of me.
3. Legend of Zelda Without complication this game rewarded exploration. By eschewing experience points it created a simple mechanic of hearts that was easy to understand and powerful. I still remember burning a tree and finding the Level 8th dungeon, before my neighbor did. 
4. Castlevania

The challenge of this game was incredible! The music was pulse-accelerating and you had to be precise, alert and on point. Its delay on the whip was fantastic becau…