Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Kickstarter Project has been FUNDED!!

With the incredible graphic by my friend Brian Manning, and this quirky video I made I set out to get a Kickstarter project going to write a short eBook on Environmentalism. Originally I titled it "Why Environmentalism Fails" in the style of the book "Environmentalism is Dead" but I realized that was not what I wanted. So I re-titled it "How Environmentalism can Succeed" and set out to promote it.

My family did an all-star job at this sending my friends and family email far and wide and almost all the founding came through their work. Incredible support! I deeply awed and very grateful to them for this.

Today I wrote an update for the project and did some research and writing. Then I spent a few hours freaking out. It's such a huge job! Or at least it suddenly seemed so. By hook or by crook I will do it.

Lately I've been working on the tone of the book. I want it to be hopeful and profound. Now to create that...

Seeking inspiration I found this touching short student film done by a 20 year old.

If a twenty-something can do that, I can write this ebook! :)
Onward into the writing jungle.

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