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Awesome Job Interview Questions that I've been asked.

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. What did you not like about your previous job?

4. So you live in [insert here]. That's far. Do you think you can make it here?

Funny stuff indeed. But it's probably karmic, apparently when I was giving interviews, I was tough.

DVD where to next?

Steam has released its first movie through its digital distribution network. Netflix streams movies directly to your computer. Hulu is the new cable. Is there a place for physical distribution?
Is Bluray dead?
The short answer is: yes it is. I used to work in the DVD industry and after getting laid-off a few years back I've been looking to re-invent myself as a writer, as a programmer and as a leader. Things easier said than done in this economy.
The sad part of this is that this digital transition was inevitable and foreseeable. Yet the studios and the vendors (I worked for a vendor) and even the retail stores all pretended that it wasn't happening, until it did. Blockbuster is no more, Hollywood Video is no more. All preventable 'deaths' if they'd moved their assents correctly.
The next thing on the chopping block is film canister delivery to movie theaters. With silver jumping in price (I'm not sure but I think it quadrupled) and silver being a huge componen…

Your not goin' to get it.

Grammar is awesome you have Johanna's Jacob's and its. Because it's is a contraction of it is. But is it Thomas' book or is it Thomas's book? You get through and thru, as in Drive-Thru which in case you're wondering was the first way ever I saw that word spelled, on the Drive-Thru at Burger King. Then there is your and you're. "Your bandanna mean's you're a hippy, Eeyore..." And honestly I had not grasped that these was the plural of this until I was in college.

But for all this confusion and cases, (it's weird yet niece, nice, and Nice but Einstein?) it's all good. The flexibility of the language allows for all of it. Until you get the grammar police. Taking perfectly understandable sentences and dubbing them wrong for not being spelled right or following the right grammar. I love that as a writer I can just claim poetic licence whenever I so want. So sanguine and it's bloody name can be in my writing blood-thirsty and not en…

What's a flame?

I just heard the Science Friday's coverage of Alan Ada's challenge of explaining a flame to an 11 year old. I want to take a gander at this, then I'll look at what the scientist say.

What's a flame?
A flame is energy. What you see is energy being released in the form of light and heat, from likely a chemical reaction. And the distinct tongues in a flame are plasma, a form of super heated air, that throws off energy (light and heat) as it cools down. In space flames are round, but when there is gravity hot air is less dense (or lighter) and gets pushed up by the colder heavier (denser) air thus the flame licks upwards and dances as different air comes in and gets 'burned' and turned into plasma. 
For all the stuff I know: what I just wrote above might actually be wrong. I've never had it explained to me. Now let's see what the scientist say.

Edit: 6-8-2012
So now the Science Friday winner has been determined, or at least a cool video was posted we got to…