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Tim Ferriss Birthday Celebration.

I went to school with Tim Ferriss, but I only met him my last semester. Which sucked because we had tons in common. If you've been under a rock and don't know who Tim is he's a potato-headed guy with a few best-sellers under his belt but much more importantly he's a teacher. Well teacher doesn't describe him and I don't want to call him a master (which he is) but let's say one of the things we both had and have in common is a love of Bruce Lee's philosophy of life. For Bruce, all knowledge was self-knowledge because real knowledge reveals yourself and really life then becomes an honest expression of yourself. So he's a master in that sense.

Today is his birthday. He has invited us to do something extraordinary by joining him in providing potable waters to communities without any. Check him out at his site:

And here is my quote on education he required then got blocked from posting on his site so here:

To me educa…

Commuting in Los Angeles vs. Commuting in San Juan

LA is a driving city. It's huge, it's got lots of cars massive avenues and many places aren't even reachable via the metro at all. Cities within cities like Beverly Hills strictly opposed the metro from going through it and the design of the metro doesn't make it any faster than driving. So many times when you're going too far for a bike driving is the only option. I spent a lot of time in the car in LA. A LOT. But it is completely different from Puerto Rico. In both places I like to minimize commuting but in LA it was for a completely different reason.

The prime disadvantage of commuting in LA is time. It takes a lot of time to commute because you have to cover great distances. I became an NPR nut in LA, driving and listening to the radio, or putting in a book on CD from the library was also cool. But in Puerto Rico this options aren't really viable.

The prime disadvantage of commuting in PR is you are risking your life and your car every-time you commute. A r…