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Great Technical Books on Programming

We are in the middle of a computer programming languages explosion. In the last few years, a slew of programming languages have come into their own, others have been revived with new expressions and a whole bunch of them have been born anew. Also a new modality has appeared of the polyglot programmer, that is a programmer that works in multiple languages.

This last change is the most significant. Because for a long time programming was dominated by a very few select group of languages: C, C++, Java and C#. All of which are related. And dominated by a tool set like Visual Studio with C# and Visual Basic. Now that is no longer the case and things are for the better.

Recently I taught myself how to program and want to highlight a few books that are good reads. Most books in programming fall into a trap, that is they don't teach programming at all, but instead teach only the programming language. That's like teaching someone the rules to America Football and expecting them to auto…

Watching TV, commuting and mental anguish

In Puerto Rico, I watch TV. I watch a lot of TV. More than I should. I used to watch very little while I was learning to code in California and was unemployed so had little time. Also I watch very little when I was dating here. Now I watch a lot. I find that mentally I'm too tired after work to do much of anything important.

My theory: commuting in Puerto Rico causes massive mental anguish. Think about it. How much emotional energy do you waste on your drive home?

Now my drive is not long. I used to live in LA for god's sake. But it is intense as most rush hour driving is in Puerto Rico. Now I even find myself amped even when it isn't intense. A Pavovlian response.... I arrive exhausted. Ready for a break.